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Asian-Pacific Postal Union  (APPU) is an inter-governmental organization of 32 postal administrations of the Asia-Pacific region. APPU   is affiliated to the Universal Postal Union which is a specialised agency of the United Nations.The purpose of the APPU is to extend, facilitate and improve postal relations between member countries and to promote cooperation in the field of postal services.




                               2014  EVENT CALENDAR


                                       Regular  course                                                               

                                      Postal Management Course

                                     Express Mail Service Course 


                                                     Special event

                            e-Commerce & Sustainable Logistics Forum


                      EMS Customer Service Workshop for Asia Pacific Region


                                               Member News  


   Samoa Post launched

   Macau Post  Secure Electronic Postal Services and Philately
   Products and Services of Vietnam Post
   APP Report






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The new website gives all member countries access to important documents like EC Meeting, meeting minutes, circulars, etc. Regulations specifically on the establishment of APPU/APPC can also be found in this section. Click here  to find it.

Asian-Pacific Postal Union Bureau

PO Box 1, Laksi Post Office

111 Chaeng Wattana Road, Bangkok , 10210 Thailand

Tel: +66-2-573 7282     Fax: +66 -2-573 1161    

 E-mail: admin@appu-bureau.org


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