Mr Lin Hongliang

    Secretary General

    Mr Lin was appointed as Secretary General of Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) in January 2014. Prior to joining APPU he was Director General for Universal Postal Service in the State Post Bureau of China. He brings a wealth of international knowledge and experience to APPU and promises a fresh vision for the region.

        Mr Anucha Soonglertsongpha

        Course Director

        Mr Anucha joined APPU in August 2014. Prior to joining APPU he was In charge of international postal services for Thailand Post. He has a strong background in marketing and has been a regular guest lecturer on many courses. As a native Thai he should prove to be a top tour guide!

            Mr Amitabh Singh

            Course Director

            Mr Singh joined APPU in December 2014. Prior to Joining APPU he was Director for International Mails at India Post. A former Director of the India Post Staff College he also holds an MA in Public Policy and Sustainable Development. He promises to develop a number of new courses for APPC.

                Mr Mark Lawley

                Visiting Course Director

                Mr Mark Lawley was invited to direct a number of courses in 2016.

                    Mr Derek Osborn

                    Visiting Course Director

                    Mr Osborn has been working with the APPU since 2008. With a background in Royal Mail in the UK he has a vast knowledge of the international postal world. His passion is personnel and personal development and he provides input on Leadership ond new courses.

                        Ms Penchan Manawanitkul

                        Mgr Admin & APPU Affairs

                        Prior to joining the APPU team in November 2016, Ms.Penchan has worked for inter-governmental organisation in the Asia Pacific region. With experience in capacity building and enterprise development, she understands inter-cultural setting and can guide participants where the tourist spots located.

                            Mr Kirati Petchkum

                            Senior Administrative Officer

                            Mr Kirati joined APPU in July 1988.He performs the vital role of ensuring the wheels of the APPU keep turning by providing financial and administrative support. A keen sportsman Mr Kirati is also an active participant in the APPC sports days.

                                Ms Sawitree Langkhong


                                Ms Sawitree joined APPU in 2006. In addition to being the official secretary of Mr Lin she also provides essential support to the general activities of APPU. Ms Sawitree also ensures that requests from participants and visitors are taken care of.

                                    Mr Danai Suwattana

                                    System Support Officer

                                    Mr Danai joined APPU in 2000. Danai provides the vital role of systems support to ensure all computers and systems are functioning for APPU, APPC and delegates. Danai also participates in many of the hospitality events hosted by APPC

                                        Ms Somjin Chaingam

                                        Administrative Support

                                        Ms Somjin joined APPU in May 2005. As well as being the APPU librarian she also acts as the informal Delegate Liason point. Ms Somjin embodies the kindheartedness for which Thailand is famous and will go out of her way to ensure delegates enjoy their stay in Bangkok.

                                            Mr Thornthan JindapraKainon

                                            Office Assistant

                                            Mr Thornthan (Bee) joined APPU in April 2014. Bee provides a wide range of support for APPU and APPC activities. He also provides the essential role of official photographer to ensure memories of each course and visit are recorded for posterity.

                                                Mr Sophon & Mr Anupan


                                                Mr Sophon and Mr Anupan provide the vital first and last point of contact for all delegates arriving and leaving APPU and APPC. With airside access the two are able to meet delegates in the arrivals hall to smooth the arrivals process in Bangkok.

                                                    Cleaning Team


                                                    Our team of cleaning ladies ensure the environment is clean for all our visitors. They are our unsung heroes that help everyone to have a wonderful stay in Bangkok.